Black-Colored Bathroom Ideas

If you think that applying white, cream, yellow, or blue as the dominant color in your bathroom are pretty ordinary and common to you, what if you choose black as the dominant color, not only accent color, to decorate the bathroom? Black as the dominant color is indeed not ...

2 weeks ago Dany Compere


Bathroom Layout Tips

Arranging the layout of the living room and bedroom may not be a big deal to do because the living room and bathroom have their own stand-alone furniture, allowing you to easily re-arrange and re-organize the furniture layout of both rooms. But, what about the bathroom layout? You may ...

2 weeks ago Georges Leblanc


Baby Bedroom Furniture That Makes Your Kids Sleep In Comfort

Baby bedroom furniture in the right design can make your kids sleep in comfort. Avoid the secondhand furniture if you always concern with the safety of your baby. You need to purchase the new pieces. There are many options of baby furniture available in the stores. You need to ...

2 weeks ago Roxane Brassard

Interior Design

Creating a Spaciousness in A Small Apartment

When it comes to the apartment space arrangement, it requires a special strategy to make your apartment feel more spacious, because, usually, apartments have limited space. And you also have to understand that the character of the apartment is very different from regular residence. For those of you who ...

2 weeks ago Hugues Duchamp

Interior Design

Seeing Ocean Views from a Scandinavian Home

There are many beautiful and unique residences around the world that are very inspiring.In this high time, I am going to talk about another dwelling idea that will spoil you with many amazing things, for sure. Are you ready to know about it? Let’s go down and check it ...

3 weeks ago Roxane Brassard

Interior Design

An Apartment with Three Split Levels

Hello fellas! Are you a person who is looking for some dwelling ideas? Ideas about dwelling will never be gone and always interesting to be talked about. In this high time, I bring an idea of an apartment that is amazing and fabulous. This kind of building is done ...

3 weeks ago Marina Pichard

Interior Design

An Apartment In a Former Brewery

Hello good people! Are you searching for a dwelling idea? Are you a person who likes talking about dwelling ideas? Talking about dwelling ideas is never boring. There is always a dwelling that is inspiring and needs to be talked. In this time, I would like to talk about ...

3 weeks ago Gustave Astier

Home Decor

Cardboard Lamps and Lights for a Chic Look

Cardboard is a tough but soft, ubiquitous and underrated item and it is easy to source. That is why it is said as a great recyclable material. It can be used also for making furniture and lamps. The positive point about this piece is that it is easy to ...

3 weeks ago Georges Leblanc

Interior Design

How to Reduce Noise In Open Layouts

An open space is a very popular idea that is used by so many designers and just homeowners. It is not a new news because it brings many advantages such as the abundance of light, visual unity of the whole apartment, and it is looked larger because of the ...

3 weeks ago Dany Compere


Amazing Bedding Ideas in Boho Chic And Gypsy Style

Boho chic style is now really popular all over the world. By having such a style, you can get bold touch, laid-back, cool and eye-catching look. Boho style is used very widely not only for home decor but also for event decoration and many others. Nowadays, you can find ...

3 weeks ago Bruno Vernier
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