8 Glass Coffee Tables That Will Inspire You

A Coffee Table With Glass Tabletop And Rockets Legs

Every living room always needs a coffee table, and it comes in many looks. For you who want a modern and edgy feel in your living room, you may add glass coffee table with accentuating legs or the base and transparent tabletop. Here are some ideas from the glass table that will catch your attention.

The first is balloon coffee table. You may try it to add a cheerful touch to your interior. Duffy London as the designer uses toughened glass, metal resin composite, and toughened steel rods as the materials to create such a piece. Because of those materials, this coffee table becomes durable yet has a feeling of weightlessness. Faux-strings attached to the base of the balloons tether the orbs to the ground, composing an intricate swirling pattern on the ground.

The second one is Layer by Luca Nichetto. It features a pile of wooden rings as the base of the glass table. They are looked unsteady and may topple over, but they are not. Rings are available in various colors that you can choose according to your favorite color.

Rocket coffee table is the next one, created by Cyprus-based furniture designer Stelios Marris. He gets inspiration from his old toys that he found, and he played with it for some hours. Then, he realizes that he wanted to make something that represents the feeling of carefreeness that we had when we were a child. This section carries smooth clouds, such as cartoons and airborne rockets from a collection of personal toys to live in the form of functional objects. Rocket coffee table mixes many techniques from lathe to 3D printing, resin casting, and traditional hand carved elements.

Let’s see ‘LOCK‘ coffee table. It is designed to present the quality, possibilities, and characteristics of a highly sustainable, bamboo material. Frames are made of a flexible bamboo layer that is pressed, and the natural curve curve of the material creates the shape. Two different colors are used for the layered frame. They are natural and caramel bamboo.

Next is Lunapark table for Secondome. This item is made from Murano glass. The designers use a special technique in which glass plates are melted and formed. An irresistible pop triumph, featuring fluid lines permeated by strikingly bright colors is born as a result. Because of the special technique of production, Luna parks glass has curves which show the table’s shape, and it contains tiny air bubbles which make the surface surprisingly soft and velvety.

The sixth is the ABCD which is born as a cantilevered side table in two versions. Caesarstone made the quartz version in Caesarea, Israel. It was made of 12mm white quartz from reclaimed materials (93% quartz). The dichroic versions are made by Prinz Optics GmbH in Germany. They were made out of 6mm Borosilicate glass that was covered with an inorganic dichroic filter.

The next one made you close to nature. It is Rhyholzertischli Table! The name comes from the combination of the word ‘Rhine,’ ‘Holz’ that means ‘wood’ in German and ‘Tisch’ which means table in German. The table features a smooth glass top which juxtaposed with the raw natural form of the base that is created from driftwood which is found on the banks of Rhine.

A collection of modern coffee tables by Della Robbia featuring designer Javier Polarmos becomes the last topic. The tables of this collection feature bent glass, and each comes with visual and functional qualities. The Polarmos included a split design with contrasting colors for the “Axis” allowing for a versatile arrangement, and a two-level design for the “is perfect to display decorative objects from the clear white top. The “Eden” features a two tear design, but the contrast T shaped glass and the base make a pop look.

A Coffee Table With Glass Tabletop And Rockets Legs

A Coffee Table That Reflects Colorful Shadows

Two Coffee Table In Black And Mint Shades

A Coffee Table With Transparent Tabletop And Stacked Wood Leg

A Colorful Coffee Table

A Coffee Table With Transparent Tabletop And Balloon Legs

A Coffee Table With Colorful Stacked Leg

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