A Cozy Classic Irish Cottage

A Wooden Dining Table With Some Plates, Glasses Of Juice, And A Vase Of Flower Under Three Pendant Bulbs

Hello good people! Have you ever imagined staying in a charming little Irish cottage? Irish cottage is one of fabulous place to stay. It offers you many beautiful points and plenty fabulous look. In this high time, I would like to talk about a classic Irish cottage that is very inspiring. This house I would like to talk about this time is done in white, and it is completed with a red iron roof. That kind of house represents what a gorgeous home is. This building is located in the remote lakeside town of Treangarrive in County Kerry, lost within a wilderness of emerald green farmland and cloud-shrouded mountains. Wanna know more about this gorgeous home? Let’s have a look at it.

The place that was a humble refuge for local mountain goats has been transformed into a dream vacation home. The new larch roof timbers were taken from the forest behind this dreamy vacation home. The mud floor was stripped back and lime condensed, and it is beautified with furnishings crafted from local Douglas Fir. The interiors come in whitewashed rustic that give a stylish, simple look of shelter.

In this beautiful house, the dining room, the living room, and the kitchen are built in one open space. This space is not big enough, but it is built as a very cozy space. In this space, you will see rough wooden beams and rough whitewashed walls. The chairs placed beside the fireplace are the best place to enjoy the dramatic moon clouds with the reflection of the shadows whipping Caragh Lake.

The bedrooms in this house are separated from the open space to get more privacy. The master bedroom is amazing. This space features a panoramic window. You can spoil yourself by enjoying gorgeous views from the relaxing space. Such a great idea! The second bedroom is built for two people. In the second bedroom, you will find rustic vintage furniture and an antique hearth that brings the cool rustic feel to space.

The design and the architecture of this building are very gorgeous. It becomes more remarkable with outstanding views around the house like this. This home becomes a perfect place for you to release your stress and get a relaxing feel by enjoying the surrounding views in a cozy home. The peaceful surrounding views will help you to forget all your problems.

A Bedroom Features A Hearth, Two White Bed With Yellow Blankets, And Vintage Cabinets

Two White Beds With Yello And Green Blankets And Pillows

A Classical Irish Cottage Look From Outside

A Living Room Consist Of A Hearth, Green Sofas, And A Wooden Table On A Wooden Rug

A Master Bedroom With Large Glazed Wall With Amazing Views And White Bed With Colorful Pillows And Blanket

A Dining Zone With Wooden Table And Yellow Chair And Bench Near A Kitchen With White Kitchen Cabinets

A Kitchen With White Kitchen Island And The Dining Zone Near The Living Room With Green Sofas, And A Wooden Table On A Wooden Rug

Three Bulbs Above A Wooden Top With A Vase Of Flowers, A Candle, And Some Small Glasses

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