A Dramatic and Colorful Home

A Dining Table With A Wooden Round Table And Six Orange Chairs With A Chandelier Over It

Hello fellas! Are you waiting for another topic about inspiring home? For you who like to play with color or like something colorful, today’s topic will spoil you for sure. This time will be very awesome because we are going to share a home with colorful accents. Are you ready to know more about it? Go down and let’s have a look at it!

The home we are going to talk about this time is a dramatic home. This building is created by Anthony Michael, a Chicago, interior designer. This home was born in fabulous look with some gorgeous spaces. Let’s have a look at the inside of this home.

The kitchen in this building is done in white. This kitchen features a large kitchen island and a unique pendant lighting fixture. It is such an amazing idea because the lamp is looked glam and industrial at the same time. Unbelievable, isn’t it? The bulbs, springs, and crystal pendants look great to be together inside a glass lamp shades or cover. Let’s take a look at the dining zone. The dining space in this home is beautified with bold orange chairs and a large statement art piece. A mirror and brass and black chandelier add a glam touch to this dining space.

Now, let’s have a look at the living room. The living room in this house consists of a cozy fireplace, a real work of art and blue chairs that dare to enjoy the fire. The second part of this space consists of a large sectional sofa and a unique console table which is made of destroyed wood, a table that shows the fabulous look of imperfections. You better to pay attention to the ceiling, too. The ceiling is vaulted ceiling which looks modern because the lamps are attached to every part of the ceiling.

In the bedroom, you will find the jaw-dropping lights, chandeliers, and cobalt-covered blue velvet beds. The decision to have velvet is right because velvet is the trend of the year. You will also find a wood grain headboard wall which makes the room cozier and more inviting, and the velvet also.

The use of materials, textures, and the moody color is really smart. The bold accents and artworks make the space fun and cheerful in new colors. Besides, this home give a dramatic look through its stylish decor yet still cozy and relaxing.

A Unique Console Table From Destroyed Wood Placed Between Two Grey Chairs

A Bedroom With A Large Bed With Blue Headboard And Two Side Tables With A Lamp Each

A Living Space Features A Sofa With Many Cushions And A Long Table Placed On A Blue Rug

A Living Space Features Two Blue Chairs, A Round Table With Pots Of Greenery On It, And A White Sofa

A Dining Table With A Wooden Round Table And Six Orange Chairs With A Chandelier Over It

A Space Features A Picture On The Wall, A Wooden Desk With A Lamp And A Vase Of Flowers On It, And Two Grey Chairs

A Kitchen With Kitchen Cabinets And A Large White Kitchen Island

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