A Minimalist and Functional Hallway Lamp

A Shining Bulb On The Top Of A Coat Hanger Lamp

Who does not need any lamp in the house? The lamp is a must in any space because it is one of the source of light that is needed by everyone. Although there are many open spaces in your house, lamps are still needed because not all the time the spaces in your house will get natural light from the sun.  Therefore, lamps are important necessary to be added to any house or dwelling.

The light from one lamp and another lamp can be different. A lamp can give much light and make your space so bright, while the other lamp just not give you so much light that offers you a relaxing feel. All of it depends on your need and what you like. Sometimes, the light in a space can create a kind of atmosphere and mood. Therefore, you need to choose the right lamp wisely.

This time, I would like to talk about a lamp that is unique. Asian designers often surprise us with minimalist yet super functional designs, and the lamp we are going to talk about is one of them. GYRO, a manufacturing brand that wipes out all the unnecessary detail and creative, presents Myna. Myna was born as a sleek floor lamp that has a double function as a coat hanger, too. This section belongs to a series titled ” bird lights’ with the lighting object only the most basic part of the lighting. They are the bulb, socket, and wire. They just like a simple pendant lamp which once overwhelmed Chinese homes and streets for many years. Only by tilting the bulb sideward, you will get a room for imagination while retaining the minimal structure and high efficiency of the light.

Myna is equipped with a touch dimmer that integrates with memory function. This facility works as well as a specially designed low voltage lighting module that will maintain the traditional form of Edison lights that are safe to touch. In Moreover, this kind of piece gets its character by an adjustable bulb and direction with a solid cast iron base that includes a combination of wire that is used for the piece. This kind of lamp is a great idea to be added to a modern hallway because it is functional and its simple look can simply beautify the hallway. Moreover, its simplicity makes such a piece can easily blend with any space.

Two Coat Hanger Lamps In Two Different Colors

A Coat Hanger Lamp With An Umbrella Hung On It

A Coat Hanger Lamp Placed In A Hallway

A Shining Bulb On The Top Of A Coat Hanger Lamp

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