Agate and Geode as Home Decor

Amethyst Quartz Candle Holders

Today, agate and many geodes are very popular for decoration. It is used not only for interiors but also as the accessories for events. It does not matter what colors and shades you choose, they will give you luxurious look. They can add a glamor a boho feel in your space, depends on how you use them and where you place them. Here some ideas that you can try to get an interior that can grab everyone’s attention. Let see then!


Having accessories is the easiest idea in using agates and geodes in home decor. You can choose a coaster, candle holder, or a window hanger instead of a dream-catcher. Agate slice coasters can be made by yourself. You just need to take the ready ones and gild the edge to get a chic look. For the candle holders, a cluster of geode candle holders in numerous shades can be a great idea. You can also try agate bookends or just display them on a shelf, and you will get a gorgeous look. Try to change your doorknobs with gilded geodes ones to get an amazing look.

Lamps And Lights

You may go for stunning geode lamps and lights and use them as a showstopper in your interior. Lights with geode or agate base and neutral lampshade are the most popular items. It may be gilded or not, depends on the style that is wanted to be highlighted. If you want something unique, you may go for cool chandeliers with agate slices attached. They will definitely tidy up your decor.


There is various furniture with geodes and agates, and most of them are coffee and dining tables with stunning geode base. These tables usually come with glass tops to show off the geode base. You can also find coffee table encrusted with blue geodes and even fireplaces.


Another simple way to add eye catchy geode vibe to your interior is by having geode artworks and hang them in every place you like. It is a great idea because when you get bored of it, you can just take it off and change with another piece. Such a low budget solution. You may try an agate wall mural for your bedroom to make a statement, or just make a framed geode display by yourself.

Bathroom Décor

And when the geode sinks, then the tub looks amazing. Try geode sinks in amethyst and pink shades, they look really amazing. For the bathtubs, you may choose any color that you like. Go for inner lights make it more outstanding.

Many Geodes In Frame Hung On The Wall

Agate Slice As Coasters

A Chandelier From Slices Of Agate

Amethyst Quartz Candle Holders

Blue Agate Covered Fireplace Near A Horse Statue

Agate Slice As Bookends Of Four Books

A Coffee Table With Amethyst Geode Base And Transparent Top On A White Rug

Pink Agate As A Wall Mural In A Bedroom With A Bed And Side Table From Cases

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