Alysoid Lamps, Born from a Mix of Jewelry and Geometry

A Large Space With Many Sofas And Cushions Placed Under Two Groups Of Alysoid Pendant Lamps

Everything can be an inspiration for designers to create something functional yet fabulous. The inspiration may come from nature, animals, people, and many other things. It can be from usual things or unusual things. In this high time, I would like to talk about an item that unique and unusual because the designer made it due to the unusual inspiration that gets. This is a lamp which was born because of geometry inspiration. This item is called Alysoid, and a Japanese designer Ryosuke Fukusada creates it. This item comes with minimalist look yet still gives a glamorous and fabulous look to your space. It can be used as an individual item or in the group, depends on what you need and what you like. No matter how it is used, this item will give you an interesting touch to your space, for sure. Do you want to know it more? Let’s have a look at it.

What is Alysoid? Alysoid is an arch which has been widely used in plenty architectural creations including the works of Gaudi. This item is a curve formed by a flexible chain connected from the endpoint. The chains themselves are formed of small spheres. These materials are not usually used for furniture. They are more often used in fashion and jewelry design. When the light comes and touches the hanging chains, a charming and calm ambiance is aroused through plenty ever changing and moving glimmers. An ocean of air and light fulfill the space inside the suspension. It lets people see through the installation. Moreover, it helps to ensure that the design is fully integrated within the interior. As a result, a unique fixture is formed with jewelry feel that shows off a beautiful combination of texture, air, and light.

The Alysoid light is made from an aluminum structure. It comes in a color of anthracite grey. This kind of lamp is also completed with a high performance LED at its heart. The chains are chosen in either a glossy black nickel one or natural brass finish. As well as that choice, the lighting composition is formed in four different variations. There are small, medium, and two large versions. This kind of lamp will make your space more chic and luxurious in a simple way. Wanna get that feel in your house? Use your time and grab it one a house.

The Detail Of The Chains In The Alysoid Lamp

The Contour Chains Of The Alysoid Lamp

A Group Of Alysoid Pendant Lamps In Many Different Form

A Large Space With Many Sofas And Cushions Placed Under Two Groups Of Alysoid Pendant Lamps

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