Amazing Bedding Ideas in Boho Chic And Gypsy Style

A Bed With Colorful Large Scale Flower Printed Bedding In A Bedroom With Wooden Floor And A Side Table With A Stack Of Books And A Yellow Lamp On It

Boho chic style is now really popular all over the world. By having such a style, you can get bold touch, laid-back, cool and eye-catching look. Boho style is used very widely not only for home decor but also for event decoration and many others. Nowadays, you can find boho feel everywhere, and if you are a person who likes this kind of style, feel free to surround yourself with it.

Talking about home decor, it is easier to rock boho-chic. You may go for mid-century modern furniture, geo prints, gold and copper details, and textiles. Boho chic and Gypsi textiles are actually the easiest ways to add a boho feel to your home. Moreover, it is very budget-friendly. You just need to add a boho rug, hang draperies, or curtains. Add some pillows with tassels, and your boho space will be amazing. Boho-inspired bedding is a great idea for your bedrooms. It is a simple way to add trendy style to your bedroom. You may try different shades and print and it will completely transform your bedroom. Here some ideas that you can try. Get inspired!

Colorful Bedding

Bold colors and shades are the characteristics of boho and gypsy style. Therefore, feel free to choose your favorite colors. You do not need to be afraid to mix many colors that you like because there is nothing excessive about boho style. Try to mix different prints and colors at the same time. For example, every pillow can have a different pattern, as well as the blanket, so just try to mix them. Pay attention to mandala prints and watercolor patterns as they look very inspiring and deep. For you who need more boho feel, try to add bedding with tassels and fringe decor all over. It will be very outstanding.

Printed Bedding

If you do not like to have so many colors and crazy prints, trying to have calmer and more soothing ideas is a great choice. Go for a bedding set in one or more colors and one or two kinds of prints. For example, one for pillows and the second for the blanket. Medallion prints will look very cool for pillows, and you may choose some cool weaving prints for the blanket. Geo prints are rather basic for boho and mid-century styles. You may also try to have feather prints on your bedding if you feel free-spirited.

Fringe and Tassels

Fringe, crochet, macramé, and tassels are the basic of gypsy and boho style. You can add them to pillows and blankets. All you need is just some crocheting or macramé making skills, or just make and attach some fringe and tassels to the pillowcases. Such a great idea!

A Dog Sleep On A Crochet And Tassels Bedding Placed On A White Rug In A Bedroom With Some Pots Of Greeneries

Geo And Indy Feather Printed Bedding, A Guitar, And A Wooden Table In A Bedroom

A Bedroom With A Statement Wall Features Navy Orange Green Printed Bedding Under A Mirror And A Desk On The Wall

A Bedroom Features Mauve Red White Blue Bedding Set With Ethnic Prints

A Bedroom Features Blue Copper And White Printed Bedding Near A Pot Of Greenery

A Bedroom Features Super Bold Mandala Bedding And A Yellow Side Table

A White Bed With Strip Blanket And Various Prints Pillows Place On An Ethnic Pattern Rug

A White Bed With Colorful Boho And Gypsy Printed Blanket And Pillows In A Bedroom With Some Greeneries In Some Parts

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