An Apartment with Glass Walls and Brass Touches

A Brass Lamp Attached On The White Wall Near A Kitchen With Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Talking about house idea has never been boring. There are many inspiring ideas about it. The architects began to be very creative day by day. The houses come from the minimalist one to the luxurious one. This time, I would like to talk about an inspiring house that will grab your attention. Are you curious about how it is looked? Let’s go down and check it out!

This time I am going to talk about an apartment in Tel Aviv. The color of the light and the glass wall create an illusion as if there were extra space. This kind of apartment has been renovated by an architect from Studio 6b Design School, Amir Navon, and an interior designer Maayan Zusman.

This apartment is located in a Bauhaus building in one of the city’s central boulevards. Such an apartment is 70 square meters in measurement. One thing that makes this apartment special is that there is a private garden in this apartment. The designers have a challenger to make this space become an open space while also fitting more room in. They decided to remove some walls and reconfigure the original layout. As the results, they successfully transformed the one-bathroom apartment into an apartment with two bathrooms. Besides, this apartment also completed with compact external and internal kitchens, and a home office which is built within a glass box in the living room.

A light-toned herringbone floor is teamed with pale colors in order to get a bright and airy look of this apartment. The kitchen and bathroom spaces are done in dark accents. Besides, brass accents are also used to fill the apartment with the light fixtures and some accessories including a Lambert and Fils pendant lamp which is attached to the dining table. To integrate the structural pillar of this apartment into a new design, some brass lamps are mounted on the pillars. The architects do not want to hide them.

A wardrobe is a part of the wall between the bedroom and the living room. Such an idea is done to save the space. The translucent glass doors let the light flood the living space. A line of shelving units in various lengths attached along the entire living area from the dining space into the glass home office.

In the outside, the floor of the garden is changed into decking in order to match the building’s exterior windows. Living green walls are chosen to be installed to provide pant life without too much wasting the floor space.

A Kitchen Features Grey Kitchen Cabinets And A Grey Kitchen Island

A Bedroom Features A White Bed With Two White Pillows And A Grey Pillow, A Side Table With A Greenery On It, And Two Sides Of Wooden Panel Storage

A Brass Lamp Attached On The White Wall Near A Kitchen With Grey Kitchen Cabinets

Two Day Bed With A Round Table On The Wooden Floor In The Private Garden

A Woman Sit On A Grey Sofa With Colorful Cushions In A Living Room With A White Coffee Table

A Woman Sit On A White Chair Which Is Paired With A White Table In A Space With Glazed Walls

A White Space Features A Grey Sofa With Colorful Cushions And A Long Shelf Full Of Books

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