An Apartment with Three Split Levels

A Bedroom With A Brick Wall And Wooden Floor Consists Of A Bed With Purple Fabric And Some Pillows In Purple Shades

Hello fellas! Are you a person who is looking for some dwelling ideas? Ideas about dwelling will never be gone and always interesting to be talked about. In this high time, I bring an idea of an apartment that is amazing and fabulous. This kind of building is done in three split levels. Do you want to know more about this apartment? Let’s have a look at it and get inspired!

The UWS Apartment is the apartment that we are going to talk about this time. This apartment occupies the first floor of a narrow 1970s condominium conversion in New York’s Upper West Side, which is split across three levels. Stadt Architecture as the person in charge has done some renovation to this building. They attached a brick wall with a walnut floor, a bright white cabinet and a purple furniture.

In the lowest level, there are a kitchen and a dining room. They are perfectly designed with a set of steps leading to the lounge. The bedroom and the bathroom is located on a mezzanine floor above. Architecture Stadt wants to offer cohesion among the separate rooms. The solution that was done is by inserting custom-made walnut flooring and furniture, including a narrow breakfast bar that acts as the dining table.

If you come to the lounge, you will see a long set of the cabinets that is rock along one wall of the lounge’s walls. This long set of cabinets is completed with an open shelf that is beautified by the purple line. Rona gives an accent throughout the interior, and a neutral finishing in the lounge includes an L-shaped sofa, there are light white curtains, and a circular glass chandelier.

Architecture Stadt also renovate the mezzanine floor for the bedroom and bathroom feels bigger for the residents. The balustrade which has already existed was removed, and it was replaced by a wooden bed and headboard which slightly extends towards the lounge. There is extra storage built in the base of the bed, while reconfiguration provides a gap along the rear wall for the closet.

The straight staircase which has been already existed is replaced to add eighteen inches to the bathroom. The staircase was replaced by a version of dog-legs around the lift. The white bathroom suite is done with white tiles which line the walls, while the floor is covered with a white and graphic grey tile.

A Corner Of A Space Features A Chair With Footrest, And A Wooden Side Table With A Stack Of Book On It By The Window With White Curtains

A Space With Wooden Floor Features A Chair And Footrest, And White Wall Storage With A Vase Of Flowers On A Part Of It

A White Wall Storage In A Space With Wooden Floor And Walls

A Kitchen In The Lower Level Looked From Upper Level With Wooden Floor

A Bedroom With A Brick Wall And Wooden Floor Consists Of A Bed With Purple Fabric And Some Pillows In Purple Shades

A Space Features A Grey Sofa With Cushions And Purple Fabric Beside A Stack Of Books, And Two Wooden Coffee Tables With Some Newspaper On It Which Are Placed On A Grey Rug

A Bathroom With White Tiles Walls Features A White Sink Under A Mirror

A Hidden Wooden Counter From The White Wall Storage With A Bag On It Paired With Two Chairs With A Cloth On One Of It

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