An Extraordinary Apartment Tied Up With Black Framing

A Black Round Table And Four Black Chairs Near White Cabinets

Maybe you are a person who is confused about dwelling idea. Maybe you are a person who is searching for dwelling ideas to get inspiration. If yes, you come at the right time because this time I would like to share some ideas about an extraordinary apartment that will inspire you. Are you curious to have a look at it? Let’s check it out!

This modest apartment is called WIREFRAME. This 46 square meters building, or equal to 495 square feet, is designed by MUS ARCHITECTS in Kraków, Poland, near the Wawel Castle. It is not an ordinary apartment; there is something that makes it special. It is a black framing apartment that spoils your eyes with a modern and chic look.

Inside the apartment, the footprint is on the small side. The tall ceiling gives access for the designers to reimagine the plan to include a mezzanine inside the apartment. The mezzanine gives way for a bedroom to be built up and it allows the living room to be more open and spacious. Inside the bedroom which is done in all-white, you will find a huge platform which is used as a bed. The storage is perfectly hidden inside white cabinets without handles to get a sleek look.

The interior is built with white ash wood, black frames, and white surfaces to make a modern but minimalist palette. The black frames are built to be used as a border between the interior apart from the rest of the space. It also helps the functionality of the apartment.

Under the mezzanine level, you will find an open kitchen, a living room, and a dining room united in one open space. Let’s have a look at the kitchen. In the kitchen, you will see white cabinets and a marble backsplash which makes a statement of that space. The dining zone features black dining set with a roundtable. In the living space, there is cozy upholstery furniture which is done in grey shades. There is also a children’s room in this apartment. In the nursery, you may find a built-in wardrobe with a circular motif along with a loft bedroom area reached by a compact ladder. Everything in this apartment has been thoughtfully designed by the designer to be an apartment which is extraordinary yet still cozy and charming. Get inspired!

A Black Round Table And Four Black Chairs Near White Cabinets Under Black Framing

A Wooden Cabinets And A Black Frame Staircase Near A Black Round Dining Table With Black Chairs, And A Grey Sofa

A Wooden Cabinets And A Black Frame Staircase

A Shelving Units Comprise A White Staircase

A White Sink On The Corner Of Wooden Wall And Mirror Wall

A White Platform With Black Frame

A Kitchen With White Cabinets And Marble Backsplash Near A Dining Zone With Black Dining Set

A Black Round Table And Four Black Chairs Near White Cabinets

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