An Inspiring Modern House with Dark Exterior

A House With Dark Exterior Wall

Hello pals! For you who are looking for something new about a house, you come at the right time. In this time, I would like to share about a house that may inspire you. The house that I am going to talk about is a little unusual and different from the other houses. Are you ready to know more about it? Let’s go down and have a look at it!

This house is done in modern style. This newly built house is located in Silver Lake California, and it is designed by an architect Aaron Neubert. The house is amazing with the dark exterior which is a bit unusual for houses. The interiors of this house still can grab everyone’s attention.

This kind of house is perfectly done in the color palette of black and white colors which bring a nice Scandinavian feel. The wood that is also chosen to fill the house provides so much warmth. You can see the kitchen, dining room, and living room are built in one open space layout. Such an idea is really popular nowadays that almost everyone uses it. You will find the kitchen in the corner, and a built-in bookshelf divides it from the other spaces. In the kitchen, you will see the black cabinets which are calmed down with white countertops, a backsplash, and wood furniture which give a warm feel.

Now, let’s have a look at the dining space. In the dining space, you will see a black dining table and warm wood chair. There is a statement art piece to accentuate this zone. In the living room, you will find a black leather sofa, wicker chairs, and a unique rough wood coffee table. Some of the units here are mid-century modern ones, but it adds coziness to space.

Besides those three rooms, there is also a working area in this house. The working area is filled with an unusual wooden desk with some drawers, a geometric artwork, and a skinned cow inspired rug. The floor lamp is a fresh take on an antique candelabra. The bathroom consists of a shower, a small laundry space, and floor of dark tiles. There is also double vanity which is made of warm-colored wood, and it is completed with white countertop. The bedroom is simple, and it is centered on the surrounding views. There are glass walls in such a space which become a strong connector with outdoors.

A Working Space With A Wooden Desk Paired With A Chair On An Animal Skin Rug

An Open Space Features A Black Sofa With Colorful Cushions, Two Chairs, A Wooden Console With A Lamp And A White Vase

A Wooden Dining Table With Some Chairs Near A Kitchen With White Countertops

A Dining Zone In An Open Space Consists Of A White Wooden Table With Some Black Chairs Placed On A Colorful Rug

A House With Dark Exterior Wall

A Bedroom With Glazed Walls Features A White Bed With Some Brown Pillows And A Side Table With A Lamp

A Bathroom Features A Wooden Vanity With White Top And Two Mirror, And A Shower Area

A Kitchen Features Black Kitchen Cabinets With White Countertops Under Two Black Pendant Lamps, And Two Wooden Stools

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