An Inspiring Vertical Garden House

A Living Room Features A White Sofa, A Wooden Table, Two Chairs, And Some Glass Walls

Feeling connected and being one with nature is everyone’s desire. Houses that have strong links with nature with no transparent boundaries between inside and outside the home are really in the current trend nowadays. Are you a person who likes to be close to nature? If you are looking for a house inspiration that closes to nature, today’s topic will be very helpful for you. This time I would like to talk about a house which is very inspirational for you who like to be close to nature. Let’s have a look at it and get inspired!

The house we are going to talk about this time is called MeMo house. BAM! Arquitectura built this building. This MeMo house is located in Buenos Aires, in Argentina. This building only offers 215 square meters as the total of living space.

The architects were asked to add and include green space as much as possible in their design of this building. They were also asked to preserve and even add plenty greenery to this MeMo house in various forms. This becomes the reason of why the defining design element of the project is a vertical garden. This vertical garden is created to connect all of the floors of the house. Not only that, such a garden covers the part of the roof and the terrace and then descending into the house alongside a concrete staircase. The creative architects framed the vertical garden with glass walls. This idea lets everybody see the view of this unique garden from all interior areas of the house.

It was very crucial to catch the maximum amount of sunlight. It became more important as the house uses solar panels to be the source of the power. The solar panels are placed on the roof. That is not the only detail that will make this house sustainable. There is also the fact that the irrigation throughout uses the rainwater. Amazing isn’t it?

The interiors are very fabulous in concrete and wood. They look rather simple and contemporary. There many glazing in this house that can be used to enjoy the view of the vertical garden. All of the interiors are arranged to be centered on the garden. This arrangement is made to let the owners could fill outdoors anytime. The vertical garden of this house is a great idea to try in your house.

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A Living Room Features A White Sofa, A Wooden Table, Two Chairs, And Some Glass Walls

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