Animal Print Ideas to Spruce up Your Home

A Grey Bench With Cheetah Cushions

Animal prints will never go wrong, and they are always on trend. For you who want to add a bold accent to your space, having animal prints is a great idea. Animal prints can fit many interior styles such as rustic, glam, art deco, contemporary, and many others. They are more often used to spruce up a girlish or glam space. You should be careful about using animal prints because if you use them excessively, the look of your home will be bland. Here some cool ideas to add animal prints into your home decor, so your interior will be looked chic in different styles. Check these ideas out!


Animal prints are a good idea to spruce up a plain wall. You need to grab some animal print wallpapers and transform it into a cool, bold statement. Dalmatian is an attractive print of choice because it looks funny and simple. Moreover, the color combo is more neutral, and it can be combined with other different colors. You may try that kind of wall in your entryway, bedroom, and home office. You may also cover a whole small powder room using this print. Add some brass touches, and it will look super glam.


Chic upholstery is a good idea to make your space more outstanding and make it more refined. The leather upholstery is a timeless solution, and you can use it anywhere to get a chic and smooth feel. Choose a pair of gorgeous, fabulous chairs or armchairs and put it near your fireplace. You may also have a bench for your makeup nook, or buy a cool sofa to fill your living room. That kind of items will add a glam feel to your space, for sure. You can go for prints like cheetah, Dalmatian, or zebra. For you who want a bolder look, having cheetah prints is a great solution.

Rugs and Pillows

The best way to add animal prints which is not too much is by having some pillows or rugs, and carpets. A cool zebra printed rug will spruce up any space and will look fabulous whether in a glam dining room or a vintage-inspired living room. A cheetah stair runner will accentuate your old staircase and make it more stand out. If you do not want so many animal prints but still want to have it, having some pillows is a great solution as they can be easily replaced at any time.

Deer Spot Print Rug Covers The Stairs

A Bedroom Features A White Bed In Wooden Frame And Two Cheetah Print Stools

Cheetah Print Stair Runner

A White Round Table With A Vase Of Flowers On It Paired With Some White Chairs With A Cheetah Print Cushion

Some Brown Leather Sofas With Cheetah Print Cushion And A Black Table Placed On A Giraffe Print Rug

A Living Room Features A Cheetah Print Upholstery Sofa In Front Of A White Paneled Wall With So Many Frames

A Living Room Features A White Sofa With Cheetah Print Cushions, Two Cheetah Print Upholstery Chairs, And A Table With A Vase Of Flowers On It

A Table With Books On It Paired With A Zebra Print Upholstery Chair

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