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Arranging the layout of the living room and bedroom may not be a big deal to do because the living room and bathroom have their own stand-alone furniture, allowing you to easily re-arrange and re-organize the furniture layout of both rooms.

But, what about the bathroom layout? You may get a difficulty in arranging the right and proportional bathroom layout as the furniture is not a stand-alone furniture type, making you have to determing the right layout from the very beginning. To overcome this problem, you may want to add a number of bathroom accessories. But, still it won’t help much change the look of the bathroom. In order to create a comfortable bathroom, the bathroom layout is the principle way to achieve it.

The first step is to draw the basic plan of the bathroom layout. You can do this both manually on a piece of paper or by using the interior design software. In the plan, you have to well measure the size and width of your bathroom. After that, visualize the position of every window and door, then designate them in their real position, simplifying you to determine the position of each furniture. So as not to be stuck in one position only, you have to try a numerous position until you get the best, most suitable one.

The space-taking furniture like bathtub or bathroom vanities are recommended to be positioned in the corners of the bathroom. To further enhance the function of the bathroom, divide the bathroom into two areas: the dry and wet area. This will enable you to effectively leverage the bathroom as the home relaxation area.
In addition to dividing the bathroom area, you will also consider leaving empty space in the center of the bathroom to facilitate the movement in the bathroom. Additionally, this will make the atmosphere in the bathroom much airier and more spacious.

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Black White Modern Bathroom Design


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