Beautify Your Space with Terrazzo

A Bathroom With White Terrazzo Features A White Tub And A Pot Of Greenery

There are many materials which are cool to be a choice for your decor idea. One of them is terrazzo. Do you know terrazzo? Terrazzo is a material that consists of marble, quartz, granite, glass, or other suitable material, poured with a polymeric binder. Additional chips may be sprinkled at the top of the mix before it is set. After it is cured, it is polished smoothly or otherwise finished in order to produce a uniform textured surface. This kind of material is often used for outdoor decor or for flooring. Yet, the use is developed more widely day by day. One of the hottest design and decor trends in using terrazzo is furniture since it is durable and very eye catchy. Beautifying your space with terrazzo is a good idea. There are many ways that you can take to beautify your home decor by having terrazzo. Wanna know some examples? Just check it out!


Many people use terrazzo for their kitchen decors. At the first time, people use terrazzo for flooring. Yet, today you may see also countertops and backsplash from terrazzo. It is very durable and it will also give you a unique and eye catchy look of your kitchen. You may go for terrazzo which comes in the same color scheme with your kitchen or something really contrasting. It depends on what you love and what you need. Feel free to choose the best.


Many people also use terrazzo for bathrooms because it is waterproof and very durable. Besides, it only requires low maintenance to get a cool look. You can try to use it for walls and floors, or even for bathtubs and sinks to continue the decor. The terrazzo can be different in the various area. Yet, you may still have the one everywhere you want. You may go for the colorful version, the calm ones, and marble-inspired light ones.


Terrazzo furniture becomes a new trend nowadays. It brings colorful and interesting touch to space. Terrazzo furniture is not only for outdoors, but also for indoors. This idea can be real as coffee tables, credenzas, chairs, dining tables, benches, and many other items that you can easily place in outdoor without being afraid of getting spoilt by bad weather. The points of durability and low maintenance are perfect for modern furniture. Choose the coolest one and make your decor more outstanding!

A Bathroom Features Terrazzo As Sinks, Floor, Bathtub, And Partly Walls

A Dark And A White Terrazzo Stools

A Kitchen Features Dark Terrazzo With Large Colored Inserts As The Countertops And The Backsplash

A Kitchen Island And The Floor Done In Dark Terrazzo

A Dark Terrazzo Pendant Lamp

A Bowl Shape Terrazzo Coffee Table

A Bathroom With Terrazzo Floors And White Walls In Some Brass Touches From The Cabinet Handle And The Shower

A Coffee Table With A Terrazzo Top Inlaid With Marble Quartz And Granite

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