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Boxhead Bounty Hunter
Play Boxhead Bounty Hunter

Boxhead Bounty Hunter

The Boxhead universe is about to get a lot more crowded! Make way for players of all sorts to test your online multplayers fraggin' skills as you duke it out guns'a'blazin, Bounty Hunter!

Tons of weapons, devious utilities and a full bag of bounty to snag. Go collect some box-shaped heads!

Platform: Browser

Genre: Action, Shooter, Multiplayer

Boxhead Bounty Hunter - Competitive Season

Play Boxhead Bounty Hunter and Win XCash!

Season 2: December

View The Top 100
Player Bounty Points Kills Deaths Wins Losses
1 Reventon 54,370 11,376 8,582 65 207
2 XSHiFTx 52,102 9,496 5,869 35 129
3 TheH0lychen 41,809 8,163 7,581 25 243
4 KobyMyHomie 35,810 6,827 5,139 26 114
5 B44b 33,492 3,848 3,335 15 79
Boxhead Bounty Hunter

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