Bring the Sea to Your Space with ONN Collection

A Glowing Shell On The White Ceiling

Furniture is not only created because of its function, but also because of the aesthetic point. Many designers create unique items in unique ways. Some of their masterpieces are luxurious and beautiful, but some of them are unique and extraordinary. Therefore, they can offer you something useful in fabulous look.

The inspiration to create something cool and extraordinary can come from anything. It can come from nature, the habit of a group of people, or maybe some futuristic ideas about future time. In this high time, I would like to share you about cool items that will grab your attention. These pieces are created because of the inspiration from the sea. The sea is one of the most inspiring things in the world. It gives you so many beautiful views and creatures, and the pieces I am going to tell you will bring the sea to your space. Are you curious enough? Let’s check it out!

Designer Arturo Alvarez created a renewable lighting series called the ONN collection. The ONN collection is handmade, and Spain becomes the place where it is made. Through the items of the ONN collection, you will remember about shells, seaweed, and coral which are usually found in the ocean. They are made as close as possible to a textured surface made of painted steel. Because of their handmade nature, every lamp of this collection is made uniquely and have their interesting point. It makes them perfect for use in clusters on the walls or hung on the ceiling. They will offer the sea views in your space.

The creative and magic hands thoughtfully and carefully make every item in the ONN collection. There are pendant lamps, wall fixture, or ceiling fixture as the member of the ONN collection. Each of them is available in two sizes. White is the chosen color to be the color of all of the pieces. The pendant not only comes in white but also in green or ochre as they are the natural colors and shades of the sea. The shape of the items is also made as similar as possible. They are surprisingly sea-like. The items which are made to resemble jellyfish will surprisingly look like the real jellyfish. It also happens with the items which are made to resemble shells or seaweed. They are all amazing.

The Detail Of Seaweed Pendant Lamps

A Jellyfish Lamp On A Wall

A Jellyfish Lamp On A Wooden Wall

Some Seaweed Pendant Lamps On A Wooden Kitchen Island With A Bowl Of Fruits On It

A Glowing Shell On The White Ceiling

A Shell Lamp On A White Wall

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