Cardboard Lamps and Lights for a Chic Look

A Cardboard Lamp In Spiral Shape Around The Bulb

Cardboard is a tough but soft, ubiquitous and underrated item and it is easy to source. That is why it is said as a great recyclable material. It can be used also for making furniture and lamps. The positive point about this piece is that it is easy to be packed and carried to everywhere in anytime you want. This kind of furniture and lamps are fit dorm rooms, rented space, and modern nomads that cannot live in a place for a long time. It can be, of course, used in a usual home also. Having such a piece in your home is a good idea because it is very eco-friendly. Let’s see some ideas about it!

Pop up Reindeer is a perfect hipster level unique to you. These little things are very attractive and very easy to be assembled as it is completely made of cardboard. Such pieces are available in numerous colors and shades, so be free to choose your favorite one.

Dubbed Cortanado is a cute little table lamp which offers soft and warm light that will create a comfy nuance. This item gives you a touch of an old school lamp and shade. Such a good idea.

Graypants, Seattle design studio, presents ceiling lamps named Scraplights. The materials used are the remnants of the corrugated cardboard, the remaining cardboard furniture plus the recycling of waste from the local area. To maximize the use of material, it is laser-cut into concentric circles then it is stacked and glued by hand.

shipping tubes for self-assembled lamps have been designed for light bulbs. The tube is laser-cut and scored, and designed to arrive safely while letting the user pop-out panels for hanging and fitting the bulb. The cork at one end of the tube allows the user to adjust the height of the lightweight, and the horizontal placement of the bulb is fixed by a pencil or coin.

Nico Goebel, the Munich-based designer, proudly presented Zigzäg Grandma, a new cardboard lamp that is designed surrounded by a bright orange metal. The frame curves around the lampshade. Single cardboard wedges are cut with lasers and shaped into a metal filigree frame.

The MINI HULA Special Edition Set by a Baby Plumen 001 bulb becomes one of the easy-to-assemble cardboards which is really iconic. This piece also provides a Plumen Drop Cap Pendant in various colors.

German designer Johannes Kiessler presents a sturdy corrugated cardboard construction, emitting more light than two 75W light bulbs. Illumination sources reduce energy consumption and waste from production and transportation also significantly reduced due to its lightweight construction using 21W tubes. Since the weight is just 600 grams, it is easy to be disassembled and can be flat-packed for shipping and storage. The pendant is from four components. They are cardboard, wire, plastic, and nylon thread.

A designer from Berlin, Formfjord, produced a New Flat to solve the problem of a light bulb in a newly renovated apartment needs to be changed. New Flat turns the stop gap into something gorgeous. The cardboard lampshade can be sent by post.

Other lamp creations made from recycled cardboard are lamps from Uroboros Design. Although it is a recycle thing, its look is amazing. It has a very organic shape that lets the light to come out and create an artsy look. It gives a very warm and charming atmosphere because of the earth tones of colors.

Cardboards Paper Box Lamp In Round Shape

A Cardboard Paper Box Lamp In Rectangular Shape

A Cardboard Lamp In Dear Shape Placed Near A Shelves Full Of Animal Statue

A Cardboard Paper Box Lamp

An Antique Dark Stained Desk As A Console With A Vase, A Lamp, And Some Books On It

Cardboards Lamp Made From Bulbs Covered With Boxes

A Cardboard Paper Box Lamp In Tube Shape

A Cardboard Lamp Over A Marble Kitchen Counter

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