Multifunctional Furniture for Your Tiny Spaces

Space-savvy solutions become a necessity in the modern world with a lack of space, tight rooms, clutter and micro apartments we live. The tinier your space is, the smarter solutions you have to get, and I say that functional and convertible furniture in on the top of the list. ...

3 months ago Georges Leblanc


Nut-C Pendant Lamps as Unique Items

Designers can get inspired by anything. They can be inspired by nature, animals, history, and a group of people, or any other things. An item that is unique and can grab everyone’s attention can be born from many various inspirations. The designers will transform the source of inspiration becomes ...

3 months ago Bruno Vernier


8 Glass Coffee Tables That Will Inspire You

Every living room always needs a coffee table, and it comes in many looks. For you who want a modern and edgy feel in your living room, you may add glass coffee table with accentuating legs or the base and transparent tabletop. Here are some ideas from the glass ...

3 months ago Ghislain Malet