Chinese Inspired Lantern Lamps Collection

A White Table Lamp

Traditional Asian architecture and designs always success to inspire many people, and today we are going to talk about furniture that is born because of Asian architecture and designs inspiration. Nowadays, many designers and architects get some inspiration because of those two points. Then, they make unique and extraordinary items based on the inspiration and what they see. The furniture we are going to talk about today is a lamp that is created because Chinese lanterns inspire it. The lamp is one of the important items to be added to a house because all of us always need light, and a lamp is a source of light. Having a right and proper lamp in your house is very crucial to build good mood and atmosphere inside your house. It is not only about creating mood but also about creating a style. Having a chic and fabulous lighting item can make your house more outstanding. Are you ready to know more about it? Let’s have a look at it!

The person in charge of this item is Mario Tsai. Mario Tsai launched the Lantern lighting series. This series consists of a desk lamp, a floor lamp, and a chandelier. Those three items of light were born because of the centuries-old Chinese lanterns inspiration. Such lamps are stripped to produce a sleek shape with simple lines. The look of this lighting series is unusual and unique because it gives you a modern and antique look at the same time. It will be very interesting if you have this lighting series in your house. It will spruce your house up because of the look that is extraordinary.

The forms of the lighting items are created as open capsule shape. The lampshades that you will get through this lighting series are either metal or glass. It depends on what type of the light intensity and looks that you want and desire. The metal mesh lets the light run through the perforated openings. It will also create shadows, while the glass will display an even cascade of light. The three lamps in this Lantern lighting series are available in several finishes. There are white, brass, and black. Brass finishes also come for the glass version. Feel free the right and proper one to be added as one of your interiors. Do not waste your time and choose yours!

A Black Glass Table Lamp

A White Table Lamp

A Brass Floor Lamp

A White Floor Lamp

A Brass Table Lamp

A White Pendant Lamp

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