Creating a Spaciousness in A Small Apartment

Ultra Small Student Apartment Living With Loft Bed Above And Steps With Storage

When it comes to the apartment space arrangement, it requires a special strategy to make your apartment feel more spacious, because, usually, apartments have limited space. And you also have to understand that the character of the apartment is very different from regular residence.
For those of you who want your apartment look more spacious, these tips may be useful to help you arrange the layout apartment:

1. Inventory your needs of space
Find out all of your space needs. For example, a living room, a dining room, 2 bedrooms, and a kitchen. Since the apartment space is very limited, the key to overcome it is by making a multifunctional room. For example, the reading room can be combined with the dining room or one corner of the living room can be transformed into a study room. The open layout between one room to another can also be used as additional trick.

2. The mix of neutral and bright colors
To get around the narrowness of the apartment space, the color and texture is another key. The mix of neutral color as the dominant color and the bright color as the accent color is the key to get a spacious impression in the apartment interior. You can incorporate neutral colors into the walls, while the bright colors can be applied into the interior accessories, like upholsteries or carpets.

3. Bright lighting
The bright colors supported with good lighting, which can be either natural lighting or artificial lighting such as table lamps, chandeliers and standing lamp downlight, can further make the apartment interior feel more spacious than ever. Additionally, you can minimize the presence of the room partition like cabinets.


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Ultra Small Student Apartment Living With Loft Bed Above And Steps With Storage

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