Super Motherload the sequel to the original Motherload is now available for PC, PS3 & PS4


Defend Your Castle

Prepare to Defend your Castle against a relentless army of crayon invaders! Those crafty Barbarian hordes have amassed their forces once again to challenge your domain. Will you and your court rise to the challenge, or stand aside as they raze your Castle to the ground?
Released: November 15, 2013
Genre: RPG, Casual, Action
Single Player
Couch Multiplayer (WiiWare™)

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  • 4 Player jump-in cooperative gameplay - Defend your Castle with up to 3 pals! (WiiWare™ version)
  • Compete with your friends for kingship - Get crowned for dominating other players and earn the right to manage the Kingdom! (WiiWare™ version)
  • Completely new visuals and animation - "The graphics now have more style, colour and life to them, as if they were drawn by a three year-old hyped up on sugar with unlimited supplies of Crayola." - N-Europe Magazine
  • Enhanced physics, particle & weather effects
  • Repel even faster and more massive waves of invaders
  • Not a port of the original - Defend Your Castle has been re-created from the ground up to utilize the unique capabilities of the Wii™ and Wii Remote™, as well as the iPad and iPhone touch-screen
  • Unlimited levels - Continue to grow the strength of your Kingdom indefinitely
  • Play on your big screen TV from the comfort of your couch, in high-resolution Progressive Scan (WiiWare™ version)


1. How do I kill the big guys with bottle cap heads?

These Colossus units can be destroyed by knocking them down five times or by using spells from the mage tower. Archers can also take the giants for you, but cannot be relied upon to handle them all.

2. How do I destroy the Catapults?

Catapults can be clicked 7 times to destroy them or you can use the Eraser spell from the mage tower to take care of them.

3. I bought the archery tower, now what?

You are now ready to assign archers! Click on the red flag to assign an available convert to become an archer. The tower will become more effective as you add more archers.

4. What and where is the “Pit of Conversion”?

The Pit of Conversion is the giant paint can under your castle. Dropping an enemy into this pit will convert in to your side. This new ally is then ready to be assigned to a tower in your castle.

5. I can’t use my pit of conversion or spray can spell, why?

You already have 15 converted units! You must assign them in a tower first in order to convert more.

6. How do I play Multiplayer?

The WiiWare version of Defend Your Castle features “Pick up and play” multiplayer (multiplayer is not available on other platforms). Activating additional Wii Remotes (Up to 4 players) will allow more players to jump in to any game. If you wish to stop playing multiplayer, simply set down the Wii Remote and the game will remove that player after a short period. Game difficulty will scale up and down to adjust for the number of players participating.

7. How do I put converted units into the towers?

You must first have purchased a tower from the shop screen. Once a tower is built, simply click on the flag above it to assign an available convert to begin work.

8. What does “King of the Castle” mean?

The “King of the Castle” is the player with the most points that round. That player then controls castle upgrades as well as spells once a mage tower is built. When playing single player, you are always the “King of the Castle”.

9. How can I make my castle stronger/bigger?

Buying fortifications from the shop screen will make your castle stronger and more able to take a beating before it is destroyed. These fortifications will also make your castle wall grow taller with each upgrade.

10. What does “Normal” and “Heroic” mean?

These are the difficulty modes in Defend your Castle. “Normal” is regular mode of play while “Heroic” is a much harder version of the game intended for players who are looking for a challenge.