Easily Turn On/Off the Light with BALAMP

The Shining BALAMP Placed Near A Camera

The lamp is really important in a house. It is not only for the source of the light but also for the mood in your space. Having right lighting in the house is very crucial. It should be functional and stylish that can spruce up your space more outstanding.

For you who do not like ruin the moment when you wake up in the morning because you have to turn off the lamp, today’s topic may grab your attention. This kind of lamp is designed because of the feel of that annoying moment. The piece we are going to talk about today is called BALAMP. BALAMP is a lamp equipped with a unique switch function. It offers a more enjoyable waking up moment in your fine morning. Do you want to know more about it? Let’s check this one out!

This lamp has a dish-shaped form. It features a flat surface which is completed with a weight sensing system. The work of the sensing system is when you place an object on the surface of it, it will switch off automatically and vice versa. It will be very helpful for you. For example, if you are a person who likes to read a book before sleep and you are tired to continue reading, you can close the book and place it on the surface of BALAMP. You can fall asleep in an easy way without being confused or annoyed by the act of switching the lamp off before sleep. Interesting, isn’t it?

You can place anything that near you to the surface of it to turn it off. When you wake up in the morning because of the alarm from your phone, you will automatically turn the alarm off. Then, you can place it on the surface of BALAMP to turn the light off in an instant way. The specialty of this piece does not stop there. This kind of lamp is also completed with a projected clock that will give you an easy way to know the time. Moreover, you and adjust the tone and the intensity of the light through an app on your smartphone so that you can control it from your phone like most of the people do before sleep: checking the phone. This lamp is helpful for us to have a more enjoyable waking up or easy way to sleep. Do not waste your time and grab one!

A Glass Of Water On The Surface Of Black Lighting Item

The Shining BALAMP Placed Near A Camera

BALAMP, A Lamp, Placed On A Wooden Desk

BALAMP, A Lamp, Placed Near A Camera

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