Eye-Catchy Terrazzo Floor Collection

Foot In Brown Shoes Stands On Fleck Floor In Blue Look

For those of you who want something different, you can try tidying up your space by having an attractive floor. You can try various things to create an interesting floor of your house. You can try bold colors or various interesting patterns. You may choose whatever you like, but you have to choose wisely. Choosing attractive floor sometimes will be a little bit tricky because you have to balance it with the right furniture. You do not need to worry because there are always solutions and ideas for you to make you’re interior look more prominent.

Terrazzo is a viral trend nowadays. You can find terrazzo everywhere, from floor detail, wall corners to all furniture and accessories. Are you a person who like to follow the trend? If yes, we highly recommend you to have some terrazzo in your house. You can try terrazzo floors since they are super durable, can grab everyone’s attention at once, and can be easily maintained. It will be very extraordinary and amazing at the same time that will spruce up your house, for sure. This time, I would like to share a collection of terrazzo floors for you. Get ready to see it and enjoy!

Atrafloor is a brand new. They created a custom floor printing concept that became a design solution that has never been seen to the world of flooring. Atrafloor is a brand that offers modern and creative versions of terrazzo. The terrazzo that they make has textures in plenty of colors and tones. They can be combined to get the terrazzo look with the perfect palette. They are available in neutral and calm colors that you can choose from. If you want something bold, you can go for bold design as all the floors are made to order.

The flecks of quartz, marble, and many more that beautify the terrazzo material sparkle with glam and glitz. Because of that, the terrazzo is looked cool and make everyone who looks at it obsessed with all of the things speckled recently. The jagged yet delicate becomes imperfect shapes of the shards which are looked perfect represent our heart and passion for handmade charm. It also reminds us of a dalmatians’ chic with its speckled look which is very natural. Having them in your is a great idea since it guarantees an amazing and chic look of your house. Get inspired!

A White Side Table With A Perfume And A Decoration On It Placed On A Fleck Floor In Neutral Shades

Foot In Brown Shoes Stands On Fleck Floor In Blue Look

A Wooden Console With A Stack Of Books On A Terra Floor In Blue Look

A White Side Table With A Pot Of Greenery On It Placed On A Terra Floor In Green And Earthy Shades

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