How to Reduce Noise In Open Layouts

An Entryway With Vinyl Tiles Floor Features A Console With Some This On It

An open space is a very popular idea that is used by so many designers and just homeowners. It is not a new news because it brings many advantages such as the abundance of light, visual unity of the whole apartment, and it is looked larger because of the planning. Yet, there are still  some disadvantages that will disturb you. One of them is noise. When there is no any partition or walls, the noise will spread faster. Here some tips and tricks that will help you to solve such a problem. Get inspired!

Wall Covers

A large plain wall can be a perfect reflector of noise, but you may go for wooden panels to lessen the noise. Beside can reduce the noise, wood is also very beautiful that will bring a warm and cozy feel to your space.

Layered walls can also minimize noise levels. It is even more effective than wood, so if you like some fabric or leather, feel free to use them. Unfortunately, such an idea is not really cheap, but it will absolutely give you a gorgeous look.

Another smart idea to cover the walls is by using acoustic panels. They are very stylish and fit any interior design. You can find the best one for you. Although it is an expensive idea, such panels will lessen the noise from neighbors and will keep your space silent. It is very necessary for you who have a music studio or a home cinema, or another space where the level of the noise is very high.


Using carpet is one of the easiest solutions because everybody knows that carpets can damp down the sound of footsteps. You are highlight recommended to choose high pile carpets as they will be the most effective items.

For you who do not like carpets or carpeting floors, try to have some other soft covers such as vinyl items. Do not choose hard floor coatings such as marble or tiles since they will raise the level of the noise.

High Partitions

Try to add a tall partition or a space divider which will not affect the overall feeling of the large open layout but will help you to reduce annoying noise. Moreover, it can be used to separate the areas in your open layout.


Large glass surfaces such as windows and balcony doors can reflect sounds and it will spread and fill the room. The best solution of it is by hanging long draperies that reach the floor. If you think it will take all of the natural light, you may go for the semi-sheer ones.

A Bedroom With Light Draperies To Hidden Wardrobe In A Bedroom With Grey Bedding Set And A Black Chair With Cushion Near The Bed

A Long Bench With Colorful Cushions By A Diamond Upholstery Wall Beside A Table With A Vase Of Flowers Placed On A Rug

A Bedroom Features A Bed With Tall Wooden Headboard Act As A Divider With The Other Space Behind

A Living Room With Wooden Wall Features Grey Sofa With Cushions, A Chair With A Fabric, And A Wooden Coffee Table With A Vase Of Flowers On It

A Living Room With Lager Glass Walls With Semi Sheer Curtains Features Grey Sofa With Colorful Cushions, A Red Armchair, And Two Coffee Table Placed On A Carpet

A White Long Bench By A Creamy Upholstered Walls Near A Black Top Coffee Table

A Bedroom With A Bed And A TV Room With A Wooden Desk Divided By A High Partition With A TV Attached On It

A Desk With Two Black Lamps On It Placed By A Reclaimed Wood Wall

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