Multifunctional Furniture for Your Tiny Spaces

A Bureau That Becomes A Desk With A Storage For Books

Space-savvy solutions become a necessity in the modern world with a lack of space, tight rooms, clutter and micro apartments we live. The tinier your space is, the smarter solutions you have to get, and I say that functional and convertible furniture in on the top of the list. There are so many ideas of functional and convertible furniture such as sofas that can be turned into beds, storage beds and coffee table, or chairs and bookshelves as a unity. You may choose one of them, but you may also grab all of them. Let’s have a look at the following amazing examples. Enjoy!


A coffee table can become a desk or keep your stuff inside. For you who need a desk, go for a coffee table that has a lifting top. By having such a table, you will not have a working space anymore because you will be able to work in your living room. For you who need storage, there are many coffee tables with storage space you can choose. It can contain drawers or open shelving or even both. Therefore, you can easily put all of your things inside. How smart and simple it is!

Beds and Sofas

You can turn a simple sofa into a bed or daybed. This idea is great for a one-room apartment. Just by having one piece of this, you will have a living and a bedroom at once. Some modern platform beds provide storage space inside. A comfortable drawer will help you keep your things, and that make your space look bigger. There are even sofas that can be turned into a dining table with some chic stools. Amazing isn’t it?

Chairs and Benches

Have you ever heard that there are unique chairs that can be turned into daybeds? It is real! And that is a good idea for a tiny living room. It is good news for you who love reading books that you can get a chair with built-in bookshelves, and you can much more enjoy your reading with that kind of piece. A chair with coat hanger will be a smart idea to be applied in a small entryway. The other idea for a small entryway is by placing an awesome one with storage spaces.

Other Ideas

there are other smart ideas for your small room. You can go for cabinets with built-in desks, bureaus with desktops, or bookshelves with seats. They provide you with multifunctional point and effectiveness. Get them all and make your space gorgeous and smart.

A Platform Daybed With A Coffe Table Intergrated Placed Under A Window

A Man Reading On Dynamic Bookshelf Full Of Books With A Seat Inside

A Minimalist Colorful Coffee Table With Storage

Sofa Which Become A Daybed Placed Near A Lamp

A Yellow Chair As Well As A Hanger For Umbrella

A Sofa With Hidden Storage Place On A Furry Rug

A Bed With Storage Drawer For Clothes Placed Near A Lamp On A White Table

A Bureau That Becomes A Desk With A Storage For Books

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