Natural Light flooded Modern Apartment

A Bathroom Features A White Sink And A White Toilet

Hello fellas! Are you ready for another inspiring dwelling idea? In this high time, I am going to talk about a modern apartment. The apartment of perfect brightness is a project which is completed by New York and California based architecture practice. This apartment has a measurement of two thousand and five hundred square foot. This building, called the Beijing apartment, gets the same name from a local park in the area. The architects focus on the natural light while building this apartment as the owner’s request. Let’s go down and have a look at it!

Different colors and the qualities of daylight can psychologically affect people. Because of this research, this kind of apartment has a system that let the ambient light to shift from warm to cool white as well as the time of the year, time of a day, and exterior lighting conditions.

The request from the homeowner was not stopped there. There is another request that as challenging as the first request. The owner wants to rid this kind of apartment of clutter. This request is turned into reality by turning every interior wall into storage with folding wood doors. The light color and warm texture that is given by the wood can add coziness and warm feel to space.

When you open the apartment, you are going to see TVs, headboards, storage areas, and some bookshelves. Yet, another look will you get when you keep the apartment closed. When closed, the fused door panel offers a clean and minimalist look. Such a great idea, doesn’t it?

The decoration of this apartment is chosen to be modern and comfortable with some curved spaces that seem to flow into each other. Every space of this kind of dwelling is clad in the same light colored wood. Because of that, you will feel maximum coziness and warm feel in every space of this dwelling. Besides, this apartment is decorated by adding some grey touch to the spaces.

There are two bathrooms inside the apartment. One bathroom is clad with marble penny mosaic tiles in a hexagonal shape. The second bathroom is also clad with the same and kind of tiles but in a different color, they are in grey shades. The ambient light that flood the two bathrooms make both spaces feel like home spas. Such a cozy and luxurious feel which is offered by the tiles is really real.

A Bathroom Features A White Sink And A White Toilet

A Living Room Features Sofa With Cushions, A Chair With An Footrest, An A Table Placed On A Rug

A Bedroom With Wooden Floor And Wall Storages Features A Large Bed Facing A Large Window With White Curtains

A Bathroom Done With Penny Hexagon Tiles In Marble Shades

A Bedroom With Wooden Floor And Wall Storages Features A Large Bed

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A Bedroom Features A Bed With Many Pillows And Dolls, A Wooden Desk With A Chair, And Wooden Wall Storages Full Of Toys

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