Natural Stone-Inspired Tiles Collection

A Bed With Colorful Pillows, Two Chairs, And A Lamp On A Stack Of Books In A Bedroom With Natural Stone Flooring

There are so many ways to beautify and accentuate your room. You may go for furniture that can grab attention, play with colors, or play with textures and color by using tiles. Many ways you can try as long as it fits with the style of your space and properly placed. You should not only confused about arranging furniture, but you may play with the floors and the walls.

Tiles can be a choice to accentuate your space. The various look of tiles can be a great idea to be added to your space in order to get interesting look and touch of your space. Tiles can be used for the floor or walls. In this time, I would like to share a kind of tiles that are very interesting and fabulous. The darkest and precious Belgian rock form of Pierre Blue is one of the inspirations for the latest tiles in Mystone Marazzi range with three new tile types. They are Ardesia, Bluestone, and Lavagna. Do you want to know more about it? Let’s have a look at it and get amazed.

Porcelain is chosen to be the material in the production of the tiles. Although they are made from porcelain, they offer the appearance of natural stone. Each model is produced in a variety of different colors, sizes, and finishes. Not only that, the structure surfaces that resemble the texture of the stone on which they are based also come in a variety of different colors, size, and finishes.

Mystone Ardesia imitates the patterns of its namesake limestone. It comes in three kinds of neutral hues. They are Bianco, center, and anthracite. Bluestone is based on the well-known Pierre Bluestone from the Belgian region of Soignies. This rock is a kind of sedimentary rock that in its natural form varies greatly from pale blue to gray.

Marazzi made her blend into three shades of gray. They are Grigio, Piombo, and Anthracite. The third type of tile is called Lavagna. This type of tile is based on the blackest slate that has been formed from extensive oxidation. Because of that reason, this tile is only available in one color which is called Nero.

You may use tile on the floors and walls. The tiles come in many kinds of indoor and outdoor varieties. Such an idea make them become perfect to create unbroken visual continuity between different spaces or surfaces.

A Dining Space With A Long Wooden Dining Table And Some Wooden Chairs In A Space With Natural Stone Flooring

A Black Towel With A Soap Bar On A White Desk In A Space With Grey Tile Flooring

A Bed With Colorful Pillows, Two Chairs, And A Lamp On A Stack Of Books In A Bedroom With Natural Stone Flooring

A Bathroom In Black Walls And Black Tiles Floor Features A Black Tub And A White Bench With Many Things On It

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