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Super Motherload is out! Buy it now on...

November 15, 2013

Super Motherload is out! Buy it now on PS4 for $14.99.

Happy PS4 launch; see you on Mars!

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The full soundtrack for Super Motherload...

November 14, 2013

The full soundtrack for Super Motherload is now available for pre-order for just $9, and will be available for download at midnight tonight—the same time Super Motherload launches with the PS4! The press has already shown an overwhelming appreciation for the soundtrack, composed by indie electronic artist Eric Cheng, as one of the highlights of the PS4 launch. You can listen to and pre-order the full soundtrack from Bandcamp here:

Full Super Motherload Soundtrack

"Watch the video above and tell me with a straight face that that music isn’t amazing. I dare you." - Gaming Trend

"It’s like XGen Studios blended Dig Dug and PixelJunk Shooter, added a dash of Cargo Commander, baked it all at 400
degrees for 30 minutes, and drizzled a fantastic soundtrack on top before shoving it all in my mouth." - Game Front

"An amazing eighties soundtrack " - Push Square

"It’s shockingly great ." - Hardcore Gamer

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We're just 10 days from the launch of...

November 5, 2013

We're just 10 days from the launch of Super Motherload and the PlayStation 4, and we couldn't be more excited.

Super Motherload will debut on November 15th in North America and on November 29th in Europe and Latin America and cost just $14.99 USD / €13.99.

If you haven't seen it yet, check out the new Game Play trailer we released recently; the game has come a long way in 12 months.

We also want to ensure that the PC & Mac versions of Super Motherload are developed to the same standard of quality we put into the console versions.

Because of the number of possible system configurations out there, we will need to support a wide variety of hardware and we want to make sure that we do it correctly. Multiplayer also needs to work properly on PC & Mac; we've designed multiplayer for console couch co-op, so we'll need to revisit our design to ensure it works well. This means a bit more development time, but will also give us an opportunity to build more puzzles and add even greater polish so that when we do debut on PC & Mac, the game will be ready.

And most of all, thank-you for your continued loyalty and support over the past 11 years. I hope you're looking forward to Nov 15th as much as we are -- this is for our fans.

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Check out the brand new trailer for...

October 17, 2013

Check out the brand new trailer for Super Motherload on PS4. This trailer showcases some advanced 4-player mining techniques in the deepest reaches of Mars.

Just one month away now!

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Steam just let us know that they’ve...

July 2, 2013

Steam just let us know that they’ve Greenlit Super Motherload! We are just really really happy. Pumped, even. Many high fives have been thrown around the office today, and we even broke out the special occasion frosty mugs from the freezer.

Thank you all so much for your votes! We have been so impressed with all of the help that we’ve gotten, it was amazing to see people take this into their own hands and promote the heck out of Super Motherload. It was grassroots marketing at its finest and we couldn’t have asked for more dedicated and enthusiastic fans. We have jobs because of people like you, so once again: thank you!

So? Where do we go from here? Well, we are sticking to the current game plan. We’re working on the PS4 version at the moment—getting that all ready to submit, and then finish up the rest of the PS3 version. After the console versions are good to go we’ll move our focus to Steam.

In the meantime we’re looking on a way to clone Steve. Does anyone have any leads on that?

Here’s a nice little mention from Game Trailers

XGen is showing off Super Motherload at...

March 26, 2013

XGen is showing off Super Motherload at GDC Play!

Skye, Scott and Steve will all be available to answer any questions you have and proudly hand you a controller to finally give the game a shot!

Come down and meet the team!

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Whoa! ...

January 23, 2013


Thanks so much for the votes everyone! We feel extremely lucky to have such great fans, and the comments we’ve been receiving have been our motivation over the last several weeks! We rapidly climbed the Greenlight charts and have made it to the top 100 thanks to you folks! The top 100 is just the first step — to get Valve’s attention on Steam Greenlight we are going to need as many votes as we can get, so keep spreading the word to your friends on your social networks and we’ll keep pushing forward on finishing up the last few bits of this game!

We have a few exciting features to showcase in the coming weeks — so check back soon!

[Super Motherload on Steam Greenlight]

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Starting today, we’ll be releasing a...

January 11, 2013

Starting today, we’ll be releasing a few free tracks from the upcoming Super Motherload soundtrack.

Between touring with Grimes’ backing band Born Gold last year, and Born Gold’s own European tour this year, Eric Cheng has been investing his scant time in creating a moody and atmospheric soundscape for Super Motherload with a tone befitting John Carpenter’s horror sci-fi classics. Sporting instrumentation reminiscent of everything good about the 80’s, coated in a slick modern patina, let’s just say that Escape from LA has some fresh competition. Move over Russel Crowe; there’s a new kid in town.

Click here to download the first track from Super Motherload’s upcoming soundtrack.

Vote for Super Motherload on Steam...

December 19, 2012

Vote for Super Motherload on Steam Greenlight and help bring the game to your favourite platform.

Alongside our Steam Greenlight campaign, we also launched a new gameplay video for Super Motherload detailing the game's new mechanics and features.

As we get ready to wind down at XGen for Christmas next week, we hope you have a great holiday and take some time to relax and enjoy.

Territory War fans rejoice! Territory...

December 10, 2012

Territory War fans rejoice! Territory War 3 is nearly here! Check out the awesome new trailer showing off new maps, new weapons, gameplay modes and new ways to earn XP, level up and kick some ass! It even includes a new level editor, for you to create the arena of your dreams - and your friend's nightmares.

Stay tuned for Decemeber 19th, the floodgates will open as TWO3 launches here on XGen!

Watch the TWO3 trailer!

And for Steam users, get ready to see something exciting and familiar showing up in the near future on Greenlight!

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