Nut-C Pendant Lamps as Unique Items

A Wooden Desk With A Book And A Vase Of Flowers On It Under A Pendant Lamp

Designers can get inspired by anything. They can be inspired by nature, animals, history, and a group of people, or any other things. An item that is unique and can grab everyone’s attention can be born from many various inspirations. The designers will transform the source of inspiration becomes a fabulous yet functional item by their creativity.

In this time, I am going to talk about a lamp that is unique and extraordinary. Lighting items are very important to be added to any space. There are no people who like to be in a space without any light. Therefore, having a right lamp in your space is very crucial and important as the source of light. A lamp will be very useful in a space with low natural light or to bring light when the weather is not too good, and the sun does not shine as well. Designer Julia Kononenko presented a collection of eye-catching lighting items. They are Nut C and Nut S. What thing that inspires her to make such items? Maybe she was inspired by bottles as the final look of that lighting pieces remind us of bottles. Wanna know more about it? Let’s go down and take a look at it!

Nut C has a collection with a pendant lighting style. It consists of two ceiling lamps. They are a little bit different one another by their designs. The upper wooden part with an elongated rod resembles a cute little hibiscus hat. The rather simple silhouette fulfilled the interesting construction of various materials held together uniquely. The wood, metal, and leather are a perfect collaboration. Such a collaboration help the designer to get a dapper vibe that will warm any spaces.

Such a great idea!

Nut C collection of pendant style lighting will suit in any modern space. It will give you an interesting statement in your space. For you who want to accentuate and spruce up space in your house, having this kind of lamp is a great idea since it has an unusual and unique design. The unique collaboration of the materials that ware used will not let everyone pass through without noticing this lamp series. For you who want a bolder look, you may try to use them separately or use them in clusters. Happy try it!

A Woman Sits On A Wooden Chair Reading A Book Under A Pendant Lamp

A Wooden Desk With A Book And A Vase Of Flowers On It Under A Pendant Lamp

A Woman Bring A Pendant Lamp With Wooden Material

A Pendant Lamp With Wooden Material And Y Key

A Woman Touch Two Pendant Lamp With Wooden Material

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