Seeing Ocean Views from a Scandinavian Home

An Outdoor Space Features Two White Daybed With Pink Shades Pillows And A Fabric, And A Wooden Small Dining Table With Some Chairs

There are many beautiful and unique residences around the world that are very inspiring.In this high time, I am going to talk about another dwelling idea that will spoil you with many amazing things, for sure. Are you ready to know about it? Let’s go down and check it out!

Today’s topic will be a stylish Danish house which is located by the seaside. This house maybe not your typical coastal home. Back to 1885, this building is an example of a perfect blend of original rustic elements and clean, modern details. This house offers a fabulous combination of styles, textures, and the Scandinavian brightness.

The living room of this house is united with the kitchen and the dining room. This idea is very popular nowadays because this idea can be a solution to maximize the space. The room was built with original wooden beams on the ceiling and with white wood floors. Such a room is usually a Scandinavian room, and the materials used can add a warm atmosphere. In this space, you will find a bold orange sofa and a fur rug. In the dining area, you will find a marble dining table and black leather chairs. Move to the kitchen; you will find dark stained wooden cabinets and open shelving above in this space. The kitchen island is made of stainless steel. It acts not only as a kitchen island but also as a space divider.

Let’s have a look at the master bedroom. This space is done as a whitewashed attic space which is completed with white beams and very light floral wallpaper. Green curtains, colored bedding, and warm textural rugs add to get the interesting look of the space. All the storage is done with white cabinets here and there, so space looks uncluttered.

For the bathroom, the floor is clad with graphically printed tiles. You will find a shower with back walls and a fabulous wooden sink which has a contrasting look with the modern faucets. Wooden benches and vases are added in the bathroom to get a warm feel and resonate with the sink.

One more special thing about this house is the terrace and the balcony. In the terrace, you will find a dining space with a pallet table and a pair of comfy loungers, while the balcony is furnished with comfy wicker items and amazing sea views can be seen from this space.

A Shower Space With Black Walls And Pattern Tiles Floor Completed With Wooden Stools And Some Vases

A Wooden Staircases Near A Kitchen With Stainless Steel Kitchen Island And Wooden Floor And Ceiling

A Balcony With Some Wooden Chairs With Cushions And Pink Fabric, Two Wooden Coffee Table, And A Tall Coffee Table With A Glass Of Juice On It

A Bedroom With White Floor And Ceiling Features A Bed With Print Pillows And Blanket, And A Pink Chair With Pink Fabric On It Placed On A White Faux Rug

An Outdoor Space Features Two White Daybed With Pink Shades Pillows And A Fabric, And A Wooden Small Dining Table With Some Chairs

A White Dining Table With Candles On It Paired With Some Black Chairs Placed On A Rug And Near A Kitchen With Stainless Steel Kitchen Island

A Bathroom Features A Marble Vanity With A Stone Sink Near A Vase Of Flowers By The Windows

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