Shibori Home Decor Ideas

A Table Covered With Shibori Table Cloth With A Bottle On It

Have you ever imagine to have a kind of furniture that brings a traditional touch? You can try shibori home decor. Shibori is a Japanese manual resist dyeing technique, which can produce patterns on the fabric. That kind of dye was popular up to the 20th century, and now shibori is also very famous in the western countries. The technique to get the look of shibori is not very difficult, and many people enjoy to do that on the fabric and use it for home decor. Shibori textiles and upholstery stand in the first place of the trend, and here I would like to share some cool ideas that you can try. Check it out!

Shibori Upholstery

Your furniture will look fresh and new if you add shibori upholstery. You can make the fabrics by yourself by following some tutorials that you can get on the web, then just reupholster some pieces you already have. If you think it is too complicated, you can go to the shop and buy the new ones. The items that are very eye-catching will be traditional or luxurious chairs, ottomans, sofas with shibori upholstery because they look very contrasting. Shibori items will perfectly fit in a chic boho space or a seaside home. It is not a big problem if you already have some other interior because shibori fabric can spruce up any furniture. Besides, shibori also can give an eye-catching touch to any room at once. Shibori upholstery will also make outdoor furniture look amazing and eye-catching in a cool way.

Shibori Textiles

Shibori textiles are flexible because it can be used throughout the whole space to make it trendier and more stylish without lost much cost. Shibori pillow is an item which is easy to be made or bought and will spruce up your space for sure. Such an item can be placed from a small reading nook to your bedroom. Since it is not very expensive, you can change it anytime you want. You may also try shibori bedding and blankets. Try blue shades to give relaxing and calming ambiance to your bedroom. Having shibori curtains is a good idea to have a bold accent in your space, and match them with a proper rug or furniture cover. You can try shibori tablecloth or table runner for your party. And last but not least, you can also try to have framed shibori artwork for your decoration. Get inspired and make your space amazing!

A Sofa Covered With Some Shibori Fabrics And Completed With Many Colorful Cushions And A Wooden Table

A White Sofa Covered With Shibori Fabric And Cushion Under A Shibori Fabric Hung On The White Wall

A Bed Covered With Shibori Fabric And Colmpleted With Some Shibori Pillows

A Blue Shibori Upholstered Bench

A White Reading Nook With Some Shibori Cushions And Comfy Fabrics Paired With A Fold Table With Two Books On It

Shibori Upholstered Sofas With A White Shade Cushion Under A Plant Framed Ornament

A Blue Shibori Upholstered Chair In Front Of A Large Bookshelf

A Bed With Shibori Blanket And Some Shibori Pillows Near A Hanging Clothe And Wooden Sidetable

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