Spruce Up Your Interior by Adding Color

A Bedroom With A White Bed And Two Chairs Placed On A Rug, And A White Chair By The Windows With Blue Curtains

For you who want to rock bold colors in your house, summer is the right time to make it real. Not only summer, but you may also rock bold colors during fall. Adding bold colors can be a little bit tricky and challenging because too colorful interiors can irritate you at once or twice. They are also tasteless. You do not need to worry. In this high time, we are going to give you some nice ideas to add various cheerful colors to your interior which will be not tasteless and irritate an eye.

Colorful Furniture

For you who want to make your spaces more cheerful, you may need several colorful items. You do not need to have many kinds of items. You can make your moody or neutral space more stand out by adding some colorful furniture pieces such as cabinets, chairs, a sofa, a sideboard, a bed or a shelving unit in many colorful shades. Feel free to choose the colors that you like. You can choose thin or super thick, and show the color of this furniture, or try some contrasting shades like yellow and blue, or emerald and neon yellow, or red and pink. You can try bold velvet upholstery since velvet is very popular this year.

Colorful Statement Walls

Statement walls are very popular for any kinds of interior. Statement walls can be created in some different ways, for examples, with bold wallpaper, with weathered wood, stone, murals and oversized artworks. showing a solid color on the wall of your space is a very stylish and timeless idea. You may use some contrasting color and rock it on the wall that you will look at when you enter the room. You can try a blue color for your monochrome, pink or coral room for glam girlish, or mint or pink muted for those of you who have soft relaxing bedroom. By having statement wall, you will have an accent in your space. It can also be used as a visual divider of some spaces in an open layout.

Colorful Home Textiles

For you who want an easy way to spruce up your interior, having home textiles is a great idea. This idea is budget-friendly, and it let you change them every time you want. Try to add a bold rug with various patterns, and you may add a matching piece of furniture or and accessories. You may also try to add colorful curtains. If you have neutral space, having bold curtains is a great idea to spruce it up. Go for pastels rather than bold shades if you want a relaxing feel. Bedding or bedspreads are a great idea to try to make your bedroom more standout. It can be printed or just colorful. Have a nice try!

A Mint Wall With Many Frames Behind A White Day Bed

A Yellow Sideboard With Many Books On It Placed Under A Shelf With Many Pots Of Greenery

A Bedroom With An Olive Green Statement Wall Features A White Bed With Dusty Pink Pillows

A Black Table With Green Chairs Placed On A Rug Under A Chandelier

A Living Room Features Sofa In Blue Shades With Colorful Cushions, A Table With Some Glasses On It, And A Yellow Chair With White Fabric On It

A White Bed With An Emerald Blanket And Pillow, And A Magazine On It

Colorful Wooden Sideboard With Some Vases Of Flowers And A Stack Of Book On It Placed Under An Artwork And Near Cactus

A Living Room With Colorful Geo Statement Wall Features A Sofa With Brown And White Cushions, And A Table

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