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Stick Arena Lab Pass - 6 Months
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Stick Arena Lab Pass - 12 Months
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Stick Arena FAQ

How do I purchase a Lab Pass?

The Lab Pass can be purchased on this page. Choose from one of the three plans, depending on how much time you'd like to prepay for.

The one-year Lab Pass is the best deal.

What is included with a Lab Pass?

The Lab Pass Features Page has a breakdown of the benefits of owning a Lab Pass.

Each Lab Pass also comes with an instant Cred bonus:
  • 1-Month Lab Pass: Bonus 1,000 Cred
  • 6-Month Lab Pass: Bonus 6,000 Cred
  • 12-Month Lab Pass: Bonus 12,000 Cred

Which payment options are supported?

We currently support Lab Pass purchases through PayPal. PayPal accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and E-Check, all without the need for a PayPal account. For customers with a PayPal account, payment via PayPal balance or direct bank account withdraw are also supported.

Are payments recurring? (Will I be billed repeatedly?)

No. Your payment is for a 1-time purchase of time on your Lab Pass. Your Paypal account or your Credit Card will not be billed at any time in the future unless you specifically purchase more time.


Where did the old Stick Arena go?

All of the gameplay and features of Stick Arena that you love are in the newest Expansion, the old Stick Arena has been replaced. You can even enjoy additional free features that enhance the classic Stick Arena experience.

How do I control my character?

Movement is controlled with the directional keys on the keyboard, or the WASD keys. Aiming and firing is controlled with the mouse, by pointing and clicking in the direction you want to fire. Hold down the mouse button to fire continuously.

Why does my character keep getting killed?

Stick Arena is a competitive game with bit of a learning curve, and new players can be overwhelmed at times by more experienced players. Keep practicing! You'll find that your skills improve over time.

The game is running slowly, is there any thing I can do to improve performance?

You can alleviate the issue by opening the options panel from the icon in the lower left (during game play) and setting the detail option to 'low' and particles to 'off'. In most cases, players located outside in the Eastern Hemisphere will experience better gameplay by switching to the European Server, using the dropdown box in the upper right corner of the lobby. Due to a quirk with the flash player, you can also adversely affect performance during gameplay by rapidly clicking to fire your weapon. We recommend holding down the fire button in those situations, which will cause your weapon to fire as rapidly as it is able.

Why does my character continue moving on his own?

A flash bug can cause your character to continuously move, try pressing any of the movement keys on WASD, arrows or the numpad to clear this move action.

Is there any way to see detailed information about FPS (Frames Per Second) or my ping to the server?

Press ~ (tilde) to toggle FPS, Aggregate Ping, and Personal Ping display. Hit ~ again to show each player's individual Ping time. Hit ~ once more to hide Ping/FPS information.

How can I play the new levels, and use all weapons?

The new levels and weapons are reserved for Stick Arena players who own a Lab Pass. See this page for information on obtaining a Lab Pass.

You can also play the new maps and weapons if a player with a Lab Pass adds you to his or her VIP list. This will allow you to join a 'Lab Pass Only' game for as long as that player stays in the Arena.

Why do some players have different types of Spinners and/or Pets?

Spinners and pets can be purchased on the shop page with Cred. The best Spinners and Pets require that you own a Lab Pass to purchase them. Further information about spinner and pets is available here.


Where can I find the rules for Stick Arena?

You can find a list of lobby and in-game rules here.

Why can't I see my friend (or join his game)?

You may be on a different Stick Arena server than your friend. Make sure that you agree upon a server beforehand, and each join the same server after you log in (see below for changing servers).

How do I get VIPed or VIP someone else?

Users who have purchased a Lab Pass can 'VIP' other players by selecting their name in the lobby and clicking 'Add VIP'. If you have no purchased a Lab Pass, you can kindly ask a Lab Pass holder to VIP you, then you are able to join his Lab-Pass only games (new weapons/tileset and custom map games)

How do I change which server I'm on?

You can change which server you are on through the dropdown selection in the top right-hand corner of the lobby. Players on different servers are unable to see chat messages or join games from each other.

How do I send a private message?

Private messages can be sent by selecting a player in the player list, typing your message, and clicking the speech bubble labelled 'PM' in the lower-left corner.

Alternatively, private messages can be sent using slash commands in the lobby. Any of the follow examples will work:

/whisper [friend's name] [message]
Or use the short form:
/w [friend's name] [message]
/reply [message]
/r [message]
(To the last person who sent you a private message)

How can I ignore a user?

Users can be ignored through the following slash command:
/ignore [username]
Simply type it into the message box and hit enter. Messages from ignored users will not be displayed.

How can I join a game?

To join a game, select it by clicking on the game name in the upper right side of the lobby then select 'Join Game' from the menu options in the lower right.

How can I create a private game?

Select the 'Create Game' option from the lower right menu in the lobby. This will launch a panel with options for creating your game. You can set a game to be private by toggling it in the upper right, private games are invisible to normal users can only be joined by people who specifically type in the name of the game.

What do the symbols beside player names mean?

Most symbols by player names represent the earned rank of the player.
A silver M symbol indicates that the user is a moderator, and you may ask this person for help or report other users to him/her.
The rotating B icon indicates that the user owns a Lab Pass, and is able to grant Lab Pass access to regular users through a VIP system.

A pop-up screen says I got a warning/ban, what does that mean?

If you received this pop-up, it means that a moderator has decided to issue you either a warning or a temporary ban for violating Stick Arena rules. Consult the Rules Page for information about acceptable behavior and practices.


How do I gain ranks?

Ranks are obtained through defeating other players. The more players you defeat, the faster you gain rank. High ranks are a prestigious mark of honor in Stick Arena.

Does Stick Arena have a Hall of Fame?

Check out Atris, a community driven project that is officially sponsored by XGen Studios!

How do I change my spinner?

You can change your spinner from the lower left section of the Profile Tab. New spinners are purchased from the Shop Tab.

How do I get a pet/change my pet?

You can change which pet you have active in the lower left section of the Profile Tab. New pets can be purchased from the Shop Tab if you own a Lab Pass.

How do I change my password?

Your password can be changed on the Manage Account Page.

I told someone my password and now they are accessing my account, how do I stop them?

Your account security is ultimately your responsibility, keep your password secure and difficult to guess. We have no way of verifying ownership of an account. For the best security, never share your account information with anyone else.


Why can't I buy this spinner/pet/save slot?

Some spinners require a Lab Pass in order to purchase. Pets and save slots for the map editor are only available to those with a Lab Pass. You can find out more about the Lab Pass here or you can purchase one on this page.

How do I get Cred?

Cred is earned by simply logging in to the game. When you enter the shop tab you will be presented with a lottery ticket with a random amount of Cred that you have won! You can get a brand new lottery ticket every 8 hours, just log in again!

You can also get a large one-time bonus to your Cred by signing up for a Lab Pass.

Why can't I spend Cred on some pets/spinners/save slots?

Some items require that you own a Lab Pass in order to purchase them.

How do I get a lab pass?

You can find out more about the Lab Pass here or you can purchase one on this page.

Map Editor

How can I create a simple map?

Select the Map Editor Tab once logged in to your account. From there, you can create a new map or load a map from another username, or edit one of the stock maps that comes built in to the game. Use the '?' icons for more detailed information on how to create a map.

Why can't I save my map?

Saving maps requires a map save slot. In order to get a save slot, you must own a Lab Pass. You can find out more about the Lab Pass here or you can purchase one on this page.

Can I play my maps with other players?

Yes, when creating a game from the lobby, simply select your map name from the dropdown box. Any players who join your game will automatically download your map to play.

Can I send my maps to other players?

Other players can load any of the maps you have saved by typing in your username into the load map dialogue. From there, they can save your map to one of their slots and create games with it.

Can I import my own graphics?

Currently it is only possible to create maps using the tiles from the four standard tile sets in the game. These tile sets have been designed with creativity in mind so lots of things are possible, just use your imagination!

Connection Issues

The game won't load for me, why?

First, make sure you are using the latest version of Flash Player. You should also try updating to the latest version of your web browser. Clearing the cache of your browser can also help as you may be trying to run an older version of the game.

I keep getting disconnected, why?

Stick Arena requires a fast, steady internet connection in order to operate properly, high speed is strongly recommended. To keep the quality of play high for all of our users, your connection speed must be under a 275 ms ping time or your connection will be dropped. Connection speeds may vary depending on your location. Make sure to close all other programs and software before playing stick arena to maximize the performance of your connection. European players are encouraged to try our "Amsterdam" server for better performance.

What are some good connection Tips and Tricks?
  • Try Playing the game in Internet Explorer 8 if possible. We have no bias towards a particular browser, but the game seems to perform best and most reliably in the latest version of IE.
  • Ensure you have the latest version of Flash Player and your Browser.
  • Close all other programs and background applications (Especially file-sharing applications)
  • Do a virus scan. Trojans, spyware and other viruses can affect your performance substantially.