The Phoenix House at the Base of An Active Volcano

The Two Level Of A House Connected With A Wooden Ladder With A Small Kitchen In The Ground Floor

Hello fellas! Are you ready for another topic about an inspiring house? In this time, I would like to talk about a house which is located in the unusual place. It is located at the base of an active volcano. Interesting, isn’t it? Let’s have a look at it.

This is a small guest house which is designed by designer Will Beilharz. This building is located on a lava field on Hawaii’s Big Island. From this building, you will see the views of the steam which is produced where molten rock flows into the sea. This building which is called Phoenix House is 450 square foot wide. The name represents that the house is “literally rising from the ashes” due to the volcanic activity in the area. It is located in an off-grid community in Kalapana, at the base of the Kīlauea volcano which has been continuously erupting since 1983.

Wood blackened clads this building using the ancient Japanese charring technique of Shou Sugi Ban to be blended with the dark surrounding views. This house is raised off the bumpy surface on short stilts to minimize its impact on plants beginning to seed the area. The roof covers with rusted corrugated metal to resemble the color of the hot lava. Minimalist is chosen for the design of the house. The development offers light, and the looks are very natural in its surroundings.

This house is divided into three parts. The home reaches two stories at its highest point, where a double bed can be accessed from a ladder. Large windows give access to see views across the desolate expanse, while patio doors open from the living space in the ground floor onto a small balcony.

The interior decor is done in a minimalist way. There is no outstanding about the interior because the views around this building have already been the center of the attention. The walls are left untouched. Dark wood covers the floor. There is also thick window frame of redwood. Next, to the window, you will find a workspace with a refined desk and a chair, and the views give unusual working experience for everyone. You will find a sofa in grey behind the workspace. It can be a perfect place to enjoy the views outside. Dark wood is much used in decor, and it is a great idea since it fits the dark lava fields outside. The textiles and upholstery are created as simple and neutral to bring natural look.

The Two Level Of A House Connected With A Wooden Ladder With A Small Kitchen In The Ground Floor

A Workspace By The Window Features A Table And A Chair Placed In Front Of A Sofa With Two Green Cushions And A Yellow Fabric On It

A House In The Lava Fields

A Bedroom Features A Bed With Some Large Windows With Green Curtains

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