Tropical Leaf Decor Ideas

A Tropical Leaf Print Upholstered Side Table With A Vase Of Flowers On It

Botanical prints are very popular nowadays. In this high time, I am going to share some ideas to have botanical prints in great ways to add a natural touch to your space. Tropical leaf is the basic choice, and they become a hot trend right now. Tropical leaf prints will help you turn your home into a paradise. You can easily use them without losing so much money. Moreover, such a print will not go out of style. Here some cool ideas for you. Let’s go down and get inspired!


Having tropical leaf printed textiles in various types is the easiest way to get summer or tropical feel in your space. Many reasons why this is a great idea. Firstly, you do not need to spend much money to have them. Secondly, you may change it whenever you want. Third, you can make them by yourself to get the personal touch. Tropical leaf sheets, curtains, carpets, shower curtains, and pillowcases are a great idea to add a bold tropical touch without damaging your budget You can spruce up and enliven your space with a couple of colorful pillows, even in your simplest and most neutral space.


Another good idea that you can try is a tropical leaf themed wallpaper. This idea is very proper for you who want more huge changes that only a couple of pillows. If you just rent a dwelling, you may try removable wallpaper. Tropical prints will look chic in any space, but they are usually used to decorate bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. You will get a more awesome look by adding copper and gold accessories in your modern or retro-inspired rooms. Moreover, you may use self-adhesive wallpaper to cover clocks, stairs, and other things. Feel free to try everything!

Wall Art

showing cool tropical leaf wall art is one of the easiest ways to add tropical nuance to your decor. Print out a type of leaves that you like and place it into frames to get a cool look. Decorate any space that you like. You may decorate your dining room or your home office. They will look peaceful and awesome.


Tropical print furniture will make your space become eye catching. You can go for dressers, nightstands, or cabinets since they can be easily covered with self-adhesive wallpaper. The other furniture can also be upholstered or re-upholstered with fabric in palm leaf print.

Some Sofas With Some Banana Leaf Print Cushions Placed In Front Of Wooden Shelving

A Tropical Statement Wall Behind A Green Sofa With Cushions

Four Frames Of Tropical Leaf Pictures Above A White Desk Whit A Tray Of Bottles And A Pot Of Greenery

A White Bed With White Pillows And A Blue Pillow Completed With Banana Leaf Print Upholstered Head Board

A White Bed With Banana Leaf Print Bedding And Pillow In A Bedroom With Banana Leaf Print Curtain On The Window And A Wooden Side Table

A Frame Of Tropical Leaf Pic On The Wall Near A Hanging Sofa With Comfy Blanket And Pillow

A Frame Of Tropical Leaf Pic On The Wall Near A Whitewashed Wooden Table With Some White Chairs

A White Sofa And White Rattan Storage With Many Pillows In Tropical Leafs Print Covers

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